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Duke Neurology in the News: June 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018
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Members of the Duke Neurology Department have appeared in three news stories over as many weeks, offering insight in fields from how pharmaceutical companies can expand clinical trials for rare diseases to health risks associated with some forms of atrial fibrillation. Here's a quick summary of those studies:

  • Ying Xian, MD, PhD, discussed how anticoagulants can be a helpful risk reducer for stroke in people with atrial fibrillation--even fibrillation that has "resolved" in a recent Reuters story. Read it here.
  • Rick Bedlack, MD, PhD, discussed the difficulties ALS patients have in participating in conventional clinical trials in a recent Bizjournal article discussing one man's plan to change that dynamic. Read that article here.
  • And MS Mosiac, the iPhone app for MS patients designed by F. Lee Hartsell, MD, MPH, and Katherine Heller, PhD, gets discussed as an example of how iPhones accidentally became the launching pad for a healthcare revolution. Read that iMore article here.